GLOBIS-B contributes to a better definition of EBVs


During the first GLOBIS-B workshop in Leipzig (29 Feb - 2 Mar 2016) a considerable amount of time was spent to discuss the exact definition of EBVs. Being a relatively new concept, it was in many parts unclear what these EBVs are, or not should be. To achieve the objectives of GLOBIS-B it was therefore vital to discuss the definition of EBVs in more detail before embarking on how to calculate and produce EBVs.
This discussion, initiated and followed-up by Dirk Schmeller (Helmholtz-Centre for Environmental Research and part of the EUBON project) and other colleagues has resulted in a publication which presents an operational definition of EBVs. In addition to the initial EBV paper from Pereira et al. 2013 (Science), this definition is now becoming a starting point for the discussions and activities in the GLOBIS-B workshops. The scientific coordinator of GLOBIS-B, W. Daniel Kissling, as well as other experts who participated in the GLOBIS-B workshop contributed to this publication. You can find the publication here.