Gnúbila is an innovative French company, developing open source based big data solutions, using agile methodologies. Gnúbila operates since 2007, and develops with an international ambition and vision, that of delivering high quality, interoperable, transnational and translational e-infrastructures. Gnúbila contributes to GLOBIS-B in the translation of Essential Biodiversity Variables (EBV) into innovative new scientific workflows, which can be submitted to concerned research e-infrastructures exposing relevant biodiversity data. From its experience in the former CREATIVE-B project and similar interoperability experiments carried out in neurosciences, i.e. outGRID initiative, gnúbila is helping with Research Infrastructures' best practices and technical recommendations towards executable EBVs in the future.

Project Members

David Manset (male) is CEO of GNUBILA. Born in 1978, David Manset holds a D.Phil in Computer Sciences, more specifically in the Model Driven Engineering of complex distributed Information Systems, and a M. Phil in Computer Sciences, Artificial Intelligence. David Manset has been working in the field for more than 10 years and thus contributing to 20+ European and international partnerships, with the goal of innovating and productizing in industry. In particular, he has been supervising the design, development and deployment of 5 large-scale, multi-disciplinary e-infrastructures. He conducted 2 interoperability analyses over 10+ international e-infrastructures to develop a new methodology promoting best practices and standards recommendations towards their convergence, one of which resulted in a publication in Nature. He is in this respect (co)author of 200+ corporate presentations, 100+ technical reports, 40+ scientific publications in international conferences and peer-reviewed journals, 14 Awards in international conferences and specialised press, and member of 10 international conferences' committees. In parallel, David Manset operates punctually as an independent expert consultant for IGOs and NGOs. He is a contributing member to WHO's fora and interministerial policy dialogue on ehealth standards and interoperability. David Manset has a particular interest for diplomatic and international relations, societal challenges, strategic developments and the application of state-of- the-art ICTs.

Relevant publications

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