Workshop 2

Workshop 1 and 2 have the aim to identify the options and problems associated with the general challenges of provisioning the research infrastructures to deliver capabilities for supporting the generation and calculation of EBVs. The two workshops (Figure 1) will focus on the EBV class ‘Species populations’ (EBVs ‘Species distribution’ and ‘Population abundance’) for which the data, models and understanding are presently much better developed than for other EBV classes. 

Workshop 1 will have integrated as well as parallel sessions with ecologists and biodiversity scientists (with special expertise in species distributions and abundance and its monitoring), biodiversity informaticians and infrastructure operators, and legal interoperability experts. 

Workshop 2 will be a follow-up a few months later with a selected group of experts to guarantee the writing of a peerreviewed scientific paper and the dissemination of key results. The intended scientific paper follows up the Pereira et al. (2013) Science publication with the aim to respond to it in terms of the challenges of research infrastructures for supporting the implementation and calculation of EBVs.