GLOBIS-B will organize four workshops to advance the worldwide uniform implementation of Essential Biodiversity Variables (EBVs). In each workshop, three types of experts are invited (Kissling et al. 2015): (1) internationally acknowledged ecologists and biodiversity scientists, (2) biodiversity informaticians and operators of research infrastructures, and (3) legal interoperability experts. The workshops aim to identify the key challenges for the development and global interoperability of research infrastructures to facilitate the calculation of EBVs. This includes to identify (1) the required primary data, data standards, monitoring methods, analysis and modelling tools, visualization etc., (2) legal and technical bottlenecks and (3) possibilities for enhancing the multi-lateral cooperation of research infrastructures and biodiversity scientists to support global research on EBVs (Kissling et al. 2015). The twelve involved research infrastructures (see Liaisons) have agreed to cooperate by bringing together data, software and computational facilities and their technical experts.

The four workshops (each 2-3 days) are focusing on three different EBVs with different complexity levels. This allows to combine potential realistic delivery with addressing upcoming challenges. The four workshops are currently planned as follows:

Workshop 1 (February/March 2016): Focus on species distributions and abundances (EBV class ‘Species populations’).

Workshop 2 (June 2016): Follow-up of the first workshop, also with focus on species distributions and abundances (EBV class ‘Species populations’).

Workshop 3 (March 2017):  Focus on the EBV class ‘Species traits’.

Workshop 4 (February 2018):  Focus on the EBV ‘Species interactions’.


Figure: Overview of proposed workshops to discuss and develop the implementation of essential biodiversity variables (EBVs) among different participant groups (ecologists and biodiversity scientists, biodiversity informaticians and infrastructure operators and legal interoperability experts). From Kissling et al. (2015).



Kissling, W.D., Hardisty, A., García, E.A., Santamaria, M., De Leo, F., Pesole, G., Freyhof, J., Manset, D., Wissel, S., Konijn, J. & Los, W. (2015) Towards global interoperability for supporting biodiversity research on essential biodiversity variables (EBVs). Biodiversity, in press. DOI: 10.1080/14888386.2015.1068709