WP1 Coordination and Management

This work package will guide the consortium through all stages of the project. Starting with promoting and securing that the Participants are prepared in time for their work with assigned staff, taking gender issues into account. Progress, results and any obstacles will be monitored with internal reporting in the Management Team and if required by requesting targeted contingency plans. The project management (Participant 1) keeps control of progress and focus by chairing the Management Team of WP leaders. Support tasks of the WP1 project secretariat are directed at maintaining the project administrative organisation including delivery control, reporting arrangements and financial control. The regular analysis of effective efforts in relation to delivery is part of this task. As such, the coordinator and project management is responsible for all contacts with and reporting to the European Commission.

Key Objectives

  • Achieve the project’s milestones effectively and efficiently
  • Link together the project components
  • Maintain communication with the EC
  • Ensure consistent technical reporting to the EC
  • Ensure a correct and timely financial management and reporting
  • Administer the EC contribution
  • Ensure respect of gender issues

Main participants