WP5 Communication and Dissemination

Work Package 5 acts as outreach to the international biodiversity research infrastructure and biodiversity science communities. The results of the Workshops will be summarized and presented to target audiences worldwide. The project will be presented through a website. WP5 is responsible for the practical workshop organisation, including location,
invitations and handling of the arrangements for invitees. Dissemination tools and conference service tools support the project activities.
Lead partner of all Tasks: Partner 1 UvA. Role of Participants: All Partners will be asked to contribute to the dissemination tasks where needed by either contributing to dissemination material and text for the website or through participation in selected conferences to reach out to target groups. Therefore travel budget is reserved for each Partner to attend one conference/event per year.

Key Objectives

  • Operate as the project’s prime outreach mechanism to secure that the cooperating biodiversity research infrastructures are well involved in the project.
  • Practical organization of the planned workshops
  • Disseminate information among partners and cooperating research infrastructures.
  • Inform relevant stakeholders and communities about the developing plans.

Main participants


  • D5.1 Detailed dissemination plan
  • D5.2 Dissemination and workshop organisation final report